Weekly Learning Plan
is an outline of home-based activities and classroom-based activities that guides both teachers and learners in the attainment of instructional objectives/Most Essential Learning Competencies during the limited face-to-face classes. It is a simplified instructional plan that combines the Weekly Home Learning Plan and the Daily Lesson Log/Plan.

Budget of Work (BOW) is a resource material for teaching multi-grade classes that contains K to 12 basic education curriculum competencies, skills, and objectives; topics for specific skills and competencies; and teaching strategies, activities, and time allotment arranged into columns for easy reference and notation. It will serve as teacher’s reference in preparing daily and/or weekly lesson plans.

Most Essential Learning Competencies or MELC, according to DepEd, “are defined as what the students need, considered indispensable, in the teaching-learning process to building skills to equip learners for subsequent grade levels and subsequently, for lifelong learning. On the other hand, desirable learning competencies were defined as what may enhance education but may not be necessary in building foundational skills.”
  • Weekly Learning Plan Template: DOWNLOAD
  • Sample Weekly Learning Plan: DOWNLOAD
  • Complete MELCs with CG Codes and Guidelines for Kinder to Grade 12 in all subjects: DOWNLOAD
  • Guide for Teachers in use of MELCS: DOWNLOAD
  • Budget of Work (BOW) based on MELC for all subjects Kinder to Grade 12: DOWNLOAD

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