Department of Education Region III has been accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Council for Professional Teachers (CPD-CPT) of the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) as CPD Provider with Accreditation No. PTR-2022-378, effective August 10, 2022.

The application for accreditation as CPD Provider is in accordance with the Unnumbered Memorandum dated June 28, 2021, announcing the application process for DepEd Central and DepEd Regional Offices to the Professional Regulation Commission.

As accredited CPD Provider, DepEd Regional Office III is now recognized as an institution that provides trainings and other capacity-building activities for teachers, school leaders and other personnel within the quality standard set by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP).

With this accreditation, all certificates of participation in trainings to be issued by the DepEd -NEAP, Region III to teachers are automatically given corresponding CPD units upon renewal of teacher’s license with the PRC.

Moreover, as part of the agreement between the NEAP, Central Office and CPD-CPT, there will be “no deputization” of DepEd Regional Offices as NEAP’s Extension CPD Providers in their regions. Instead, the Regional Offices through NEAP in the Region are directed to apply as accredited CPD Provider to facilitate the accreditation of CPD Programs in the field.