What is a rubric?

A rubric is an assessment tool that clearly indicates achievement criteria across all the components of any kind of student work, from written to oral to visual. It can be used for marking assignments, class participation, or overall grades. There are two types of rubrics: holistic and analytical.

Holistic rubrics

Holistic rubrics group several different assessment criteria and classify them together under grade headings or achievement levels.

Analytic rubrics 

Analytic rubrics separate different assessment criteria and address them comprehensively. In a horizontal assessment rubric, the top axis includes values that can be expressed either numerically or by letter grade, or a scale from Exceptional to Poor (or Professional to Amateur, and so on). The side axis includes the assessment criteria for each component. Analytic rubrics can also permit different weightings for different components.

Here are examples of Ready Made Rubric Assessment Tools for Performance Task.
  • Rubric for Building a Structure 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Class Debate 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Cooking Presentation 👉 DOWNLOAD
Free to download: 1st to 4th SLM - Kinder to Grade 12
  • Rubric for Creating a Painting 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Essay Evaluation 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Folk Dance 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Group Presentation 👉 DOWNLOAD

  • Rubric for Independent Reading 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Interview 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Letter Writing 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Math Graphing 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Math Problem Solving 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Music 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Poem Recitation 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Poster Making 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Research Report 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Role Playing 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Skit or Role Play 👉 DOWNLOAD
  • Rubric for Story Writing 👉 DOWNLOAD