Ano ang GSIS UMID Card?
The GSIS UMID is a three-in-one card that serves as your:
• Identification Card
• ATM Card
• Debit Card
The GSIS UMID Card is embedded with an RFID microchip that contains the user's personal information. Using their GSIS UMID cards, GSIS members can access the GW@PS kiosk.

WHO ARE ELIGIBLE to apply for the GSIS UMID Card?
Active members (members whose employment in the service are on a Permanent. Elected, Special Members, Co-Terminous, Appointed, Casual, Confidential, Contractual, Emergency, Lumpsum, Provisional or substitute but are required by law to remit regular monthly contributions)
• GSIS Pensioners (Old-Age, Survivorship and Disability)

1 Go to your GSIS Handling Branch and enroll for your GSIS UMID Card.
2. Wait for an SMS from GSIS on when to pick up your GSIS UMID Card. Prepare 2 valid government-Issued IDs to claim.
3. In claiming the cards: Active: In person only. Bring 2 IDs.
Pensioners: In person or through an Authorized Representative with the following requirements: 
• Duly signed Authorization Letter OR notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA):
• Photo or print-out of pensioner holding the Authorization Letter or SPA;
• Photocopy of the pensioner's two (2) valid government-Issued IDs and its originals; and Photocopy of the authorized representative's two (2) valid government-issued IDs and Its originals.
Photo credit to GSIS
Photo credit to GSIS
Photo credit to GSIS
Source: GSIS