Step 1: Log-in to PRC online services via
Step 2: Select Transaction (Renewal)

Step 3: Select Mode of Transaction (Pick-up or Delivery)
Step 4: Click "YES" for delivery, then enter necessary shipping details (If the client Clicks "NO", then he/she shall be asked to select preferred regional office (Appointment place) Appointment date)

Step 5: Select the payment channel.
Step 6: Pay renewal fee (via chosen payment channel)

Step 7: Notification for the successful payment will be shown.
Step 8: After successful payment of the renewal fee, the client will be prompted to submit an online attestation (CPD undertaking) and consent form.

Step 9: Click the "click here to pay" button to proceed with the payment of the delivery fee.

Step 10: Key in your PRC preference number, tick terms and conditions and click confirm payment.

Step 11: Then click proceed on payment button, key in your debit or credit card details and submit.
Step 12: Wait for payment confirmation (notice: once debit or credit card credentials is submitted, you will be redirected to a 3D security facility.
Step 13: Upon confirmation of the payment, wait for the delivery of your PRC ID CARD within 10-14 working days from payment.

PRC Renewal with Home Delivery of PRC ID - DOWNLOAD THE SOFT COPY (PDF)

PRC Renewal by visiting PRC Office

For full details:  PRC ID CARD DELIVERY